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As a building and property renovation company we have extensive experience of working on larger scale building projects. We have carried out numerous kitchen renovations and basement conversions that have involved internal structural works and removal of load-bearing walls to create larger open spaces. We have installed RSJs to maintain the structural integrity of properties when we have removed walls and changed the layout of rooms using stud-frame works. We have installed new concrete flooring and screeding to basements and re-enforced joists when installing new ceilings and floors.

We work closely with customers, building control, and architects to achieve the customers’ goals whilst adhering to building regulations and planning permissions. We have experience of working on Grade II listed buildings / private dwellings / offices and commercial spaces. We are able to offer full property renovations and project management services.

Please contact us on 0113 44 33 224 / 07876 756702 / to discuss any works you require.


Joists installed

Joists, ceilings and flooring

Joists fitted and re-enforcing current joists when installing new ceilings / flooring

Stud-frame work

Stud-frame work

To create new layouts /. replace internal walls and create new room configurations.

Internal wall demolition

Removal of load-bearing walls

And fitting of subsequent supportive Reinforced Steel Joists (RSJs)

Blocked up wall with breeze blocks

Blocking up of walls

For re-modelling of rooms

Removal of fireplace

Chimney breasts removed

To create extra space and change layouts

Fireplace renovation

Fireplace renovations

For decorative purposes

See below for examples of our building works

Please contact us on 0113 44 33 224 / 07876 756702 / to discuss any works you require.

Fireplace renovation

Fireplace renovation

Removal of fireplace surrounding and creating feature fireplace

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